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My Rules of Cryptography

I was recently in a discussion where I was discussing plausible-deniability in full-disk encryption. As always, one person took the opportunity to mention XKCD 538. The conversation continued. Then, as usually happens, someone else brought up the comic again. Having just joined the conversation, they were unaware the comic had already been mentioned.

As annoying as it is, it's interesting to note the consistency with which this happens. It's become not only a trend, but a rule. This led me to realize what I refer to as NobodySpecial's rule of cryptography:

And, the second rule, NobodySpecial's rule of cryptographic redundance:

The overprevalence of people mentioning this particular XKCD has caused a few effects:

If you're reading this article and haven't seen that comic before, read it ( Then, once you've familiarized yourself with the truths it states, please refrain from spamming it in the middle of people's conversations.