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My New OS

People have been asking me for a while to post an article about Linux hardening on here, and while I think that would be a good article, I have a better idea. Not too long ago, some people who noticed the PARSEC scripts I released a while back said they were interested in turning PARSEC into an OS. But instead of simply turning PARSEC into an OS, I decided it would be better to improve upon PARSEC significantly.

The new OS is intended to compete with distributions such as Whonix, Qubes, CLIP OS, and Graphene OS in terms of the level of system hardening. Ideally, users would integrate a virtualization-centric workflow when using this OS. Of course, for users who don't want to or can't use VMs primarily, as well as to improve security against VM escapes, the OS also has a hardened low-attack-surface base (unlike Qubes, which uses a relatively unhardened systemd-enabled base).

What features can be expected of the first production-ready build:

The project's git repo can be found at: