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My new Minecraft server

I've decided to start running a Minecraft server on one of my systems. The server is primarily meant for LGBTQ+ players (and allies), but is inclusive to everyone (within reason, of course! Neo-nazis are not welcome).

Obviously the server does not welcome everyone...

Examples of people who have no business on my server include:

Examples of people who I hope to see on the server include:

Since I, myself, have always very much been a security and privacy person, another somewhat-tangental category of people who I'd like to see on the server is hackers, online privacy activists, and anyone who has heard of "FAANG" or "GAFAM".

No guarantees are made regarding uptime or performance, but it should be reasonably performant and stable. The server's IP to connect is, and it has a corresponding website at

Note: My server is currently down. I'm unsure when it will be back online.

Once my server is back online, this message will be removed